Published April 16, 2014 by alphahighway

No amount of gold, silver, diamond or any treasure of any material kind can ever top off or even just equal your love’s worth to me. With you, I may be naive in saying this – but really, you are the sum of all the richest in the world to me. You are the wealth I dare not spend. Just mine for the keeping.



Things to pray for

Published January 23, 2013 by alphahighway

Family- the one that really cares, without prejudice, and by the end of the day, they are the ones worth coming home to.
Friends- at times where your families are not around, they are the ones that you can count on.
Love- that we may learn to give more than we ask to receive
Happiness- that we may realize with every sorrow’s end there will surely be a better tomorrow.
Compassion- that we may feel that others too have their own struggles
Health- that for every breath we take, is a gift from above.


Published December 29, 2011 by alphahighway

Why not write about love?
Why not listen to love songs?
Love is the only thing every people know about
May it be reciprocal love,
Unrequited love, lost love, new-found love
Everyone knows how to love
Even some may not admit so.
Love isn’t silly, it isn’t silly at all.1
Love is also one of the biggest reasons why we do things
Why our mothers’ sacrifice
Why our fathers’ do hard work
Love is the reason
why we better ourselves
or sometimes we do not
Love is the one thing we hope to find
Something we hope to find real
So that we can hold on to it
Because if not we may not find our way back.
But surely, love is a wonderful feeling,
It warms the heart, cheers the soul
brightens anyone’s day.
To love and be loved in return
nothing compares to its infinite bliss.

>to all the lovers,family,friends, and loved ones let’s welcome the new year with love in abundance<
1 Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney


Published November 4, 2011 by alphahighway

Why am I writing here?
I don’t even know the people who will be reading my thoughts.
It is like putting a letter in bottle,
and letting it drift through the oceans.
But isn’t it better to let the words out
than just keeping them for my own.

Why in my 26 years of existence,
I hit the highs and the lows.
I think everybody does.

I may have a thousand whys in the world,
Some, will be unanswered,
Some, I will be figuring out for myself.

There is only one thing I believe in,
That there is a greater power
that my mind could never reach
That there is something divine planned out.
He exists, the One who created everything.
Only He can explain.
Only He can answer.

Just to be

Published October 20, 2011 by alphahighway

My life seemed to be simple,
I’d like to think so.
But a brink of time,
I felt shaken.
I feel blessed.
I haven’t recieved anything in a box
for my birthday…
But the most glorious present I have got
from the heavens,
An extension of my life.
I have been in a tragedy,
I thought it only happens in movies.
God is good.
Just to be able to
breathe well again,
Eat well again,
share this world,
with all my friends, my family and love one.
Just to be able to live again,
when at a time I could have lost it all,
Just to be here,
I am forever in Your debt.
There is nothing more to ask for.

Morning Dew

Published July 17, 2011 by alphahighway

I see you smiling
At the back of my mind
This could be wrong,
But who’s to say
This is just a waste.

Cause this could be the start of something new
A start of a new beginning, a new beginning
of me and you

All I do is think of how it could have been
If I weren’t hurt would I feel the same
Am I confused, or am I falling? Really falling

You make me laugh
So hard I can’t speak
You make me feel,
I am a little special than I really am

Hope for the Hopefuls

Published April 28, 2011 by alphahighway

We always think that it is impossible
But what if we are wrong?
Why don’t we just think of how will it be?
And let’s make it happen.
With all the troubles and the sorrows
‘Tis is not the end It can only be when all is good and well.
We cry,
We hurt,
We bear difficulties.
On the other side,
We become stronger,
More of a survivor
Than whatever we are before.