12 Reasons Why Pursue Art

Published October 26, 2008 by alphahighway

1. Art is magical.

2. Art inspires

3. Art is beautiful.

4. Art renders anything simple to wonderful.

5. Art cultivates the mind.

6. Art can be shared.

7. Art can lighten a burdened heart.

8. Art is God-given-talent.

9. Art comes in all sizes.

10. Art helps the words be interpreted.

11. Graphic art expresses the thought, the feeling,

the emotion, when words are nowhere to be found.

12. Art is everywhere.


116 comments on “12 Reasons Why Pursue Art

    • Don’t you think that words help art be interpreted, rather than the other way around? Art is so personal that an interpretation is so relative. Aw the beauty of art, it is how you see it (until the artist tells you otherwise). ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I believe on your point too. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, what I meant here in my line art can help the words be interpreted, art doesn’t necessarily mean, a visual art, it could be an applied art, performing arts or architecture. Sometimes they give you the freedom to express how you feel in a productive kind of way-that is more acceptable to the society. For example, expressing your anger through painting, or your sadness or deepest thoughts through acting in a theatrical play. Art can come in many forms and that is the way the artist release his/her emotions.

  • Well said! Now, if I can just get over the feeling that if it doesn’t benifit others…what’s the use in doing it…*sigh’s*

  • Bang on post!, you hit the nail right on the head with every single point!…

    I especially like number 4 and I`ll explain why, if you don`t mind ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. Art renders anything simple to wonderful.

    This is above all the most hardest to grasp for a inexperienced artist. A great deal of time is spent making a few marks on whatever medium you choose, then staring at the simpleness of it, thinking its in no way detailed enough and making the one biggest mistake you can make, crumpling, tearing and throwing it out for fear of your piece being TOO simple.
    That is not all ways the case, merely stepping back and taking some time to LOOK at what marks you have made can give you such a good standpoint on where to take said piece!!…Patients and Perseverance certainly pay off!!


    • Thanks Mike for the comment. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re right on your opinion too. In my case though, I think art, glorifies any ordinary object into something that makes it more admirable. For example, a simple spoon that we use in our daily lives. WE use it for eating, but when we render art on it, paint it in gold or silver and design it with Victorian elements, eating then, becomes something like we are royalties.

  • art makes all the difference.
    it can brighten up your day !
    I love exploring and enjoying art if you like it to you can drop by- check out ArTour blog
    it right here in wordpress.

  • That is amazing. You know what your talking about. I love art too, I love making it, I love helping it along, and I love watching it grow as it is passed around.

  • “Art can lighten a burdened heart.”

    I love this because it’s so true. It’s amazing how you can have a horrible day, come home, immerse yourself in an art project, and the stress of the day just melts away. You lose yourself in your own world only to discover that hours have passed, and life no longer feels as heavy.

    Creation is meditation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ยกยกRight!! “Art is create” Art is a language, a way to expres what you can not say talking, the true, what is in you.. And, many times you can communicate with another person trough a paint, and this experience is wonderful, amazing.. A paint can wake up emotions. Art has the privilege. For example, music!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ i love it!! uhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • You capture in really easy to understand words what Art is all about, it’s so relaxing to read. Be great if there were some relaxing music on in the background, I’ll go and do that myself and read on.

    Thank You
    Conal Flaherty

  • Wow! your blog has some really great feedback! I agree that art is a way to “make any ordinary object more admirable”. I am an Algonquin First Nation from Canada and art has been a way for me to connect with culture, and even inspires me to continue higher education! Art really does mean different things to different people. The following link has some of my art, and is fairly new, so I’m just trying to get people to check it out. http://robinrandy2.wordpress.com/

    • Thanks Robinrandy. I couldn’t agree more. I am also surprised with all the comments you guys have shared. Thanks a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be checking your blog too.

  • agree….anything can be art….it is depending of the view point. But I have to disagree with the statement that art is beautiful. It can some times be ugly, but still meaningful. I guess the key here is to have a meaning…..beauty is just a measurement

  • thats great and true. Anything creative music and art is the best things in life. Every since the beginning of time, there has been some form of art and music. Its the only culture really that has lasted and everybody shares.

  • i agree with you art is a wonderful thing. also do you happen to be an artist? I run a blog that happened to start as a review blog but i ran out of artists. if you are an artist or happen to know an artist who would like to have their work reviewed and showcased please send me an email. (webmaster i know you can see it or drop a comment by my blog by pressing on my name)
    May our love of art continue to grow!

    take care,

  • I believe that ART is something that connects people! It builds self esteem and promotes a very healthy mind. Although it may not be for everyone, its for me! Art helps me connect with my children, and helps me teach them to express what ever it is that they chose! I think Art helps us to release built up energies that if lay dormant can be very destructive.
    I LOVE ART!! x

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